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About Laurett

LaurettLaurett Ellsworth Arenz is the co-host of the program HERO’S Talk Radio, which airs in 20+ markets across the country. She currently resides in Germantown, MD and Cape Coral, FL, and advises clients personally through her own financial firm. Laurett also trains financial advisors nationwide on how to offer the strategies discussed on HERO’S Talk Radio and These Strategic Wealth Coaches form our national network which spreads expertise in IULs and FIAs through the terms and example presented in Laurett’s book, The RAFT Strategy: Your Retirement Approach Free of Tax & Other Safe Investing Secrets.

Laurett’s background is anything but ordinary. Over the past 25 years, her businesses have served and coached tens of thousands of individuals. Laurett graduated with a degree in psychology from Brigham Young University and has used her education to coach others with their businesses and personal lives. Laurett has worked with her husband Dave as a retirement planner since 2005. A former Mrs. America, she brings finesse and charisma to every relationship, business and personal.

Before the Tech Bubble burst completely in 2002, Laurett was the host of ABC’s BusinessNow program, interviewing the CEOs and other officers of hot tech startups. She saw the effects of that speculative venture capital bubble right at the source. In the heat of the housing boom of 2005 and 2006 she was once again at ground zero in the mortgage field. When that bubble burst, she created the RAFT Strategy to show people how to avoid the risks and pitfalls of risky investing in stocks and real estate by moving their assets and income into safe and strong options.

Nicknamed “the Freedom Financial Angel,” Laurett has truly been an ‘angel’ to hundreds of clients she has assisted with their individual retirement planning throughout the United States since 2005. As the best selling author of The RAFT Strategy, Laurett is hopeful the important message of securing assets through the programs she endorses will inspire Americans to take charge of their lives and prepare for the future.

Laurett and Dave are the proud parents of 7 and grandparents of 15.