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About the Book

Find out why Zero is Hero in a down market

Achieve POM POM – Plenty of Money & Peace of Mind

Experience Tax-Free Living and Giving

Protect your family and your assets while getting a great RoR

Use IRS rules to make Uncle Sam your partner… not your foe


About the Author

Laurett Ellsworth Arenz is Co-Founder of HERO’S Talk Radio and the Freedom Financial Radio Network where she hosts a weekly national radio program with her husband David. David and Laurett have trained hundreds of financial professionals throughout America on how to implement the RAFT (Retirement Approach Free of Tax) Strategy and other safe investment options. The couple owns HERO’S Strategies, Inc., a licensed insurance agency that serves over 2500 clients throughout the United States. They reside in Cape Coral, Florida and the DC Metro area. Laurett and David are blessed with 7 grown children; who are the parents of 15 and counting.


What People are Saying About the Book…

There is nothing out there like these programs where the you can create a Pension...

"The programs and strategies that she talks about in her book are one's that I have been using for my clients for years. There is nothing out there like these programs where you can create a Plan for yourself at retirement where the income is tax-free, and will last your whole life"

Rob Lewis

This book takes a potentially complex idea and makes it simple

"Laurett does a great job of taking something that can be complicated and making it easy to digest. She hits it out of the park by helping middle class folks see there are other options than just being stuck with either equity investments in IRA's and 401K's or the other extreme of super conservative bank CD's. It's a book anyone can pick up and be educated beyond many in the financial world."

Tim Lambros

Great Ideas for Retirement Planning!

"This book explains the RAFT strategy in terms that are easy to understand. Laurett Arenz adds humor and has a very playful way of teaching you about RAFT, which makes the concepts easy to remember. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in a more comfortable retirement."

Sallie Troutman

Fantastic Book

"Excellent book well written and very thought provoking . This is a great learning tool for anyone wanting to grow a safe retirement fund."

Mickey J Mann

Simple concept to understand!

"What a simple concept to understand, this should be taught in grade school. Great way to help your children pay for college and leave a legacy at the same time."

Rick Mieze

Great Strategy Tax Free Money!!!!

"This has given me the go-to book as my reference to help my clients in the strategies of tax-free retirement income."